Graziella  Bellucci

Graziella Bellucci


Graziella is originally from El Salvador. She moved to the United States in 2019, and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, with her husband, Omar. Graziella enjoys spending time at the beach, reading, exercising, and loves to travel as often as possible.

Graziella Bellucci is a CFO for the LPL CFO Solutions team. She provides advisors with actionable insights based on financial analysis and strategic planning to help drive higher practice valuations.

Graziella started her professional career as an entrepreneur, which positions her to empathize with the unique challenges faced by small business owners. She worked as a business consultant for a boutique venture capital firm, and expanded her insights on strategic growth solutions for different stages of business growth. Prior to joining LPL, Graziella led a team of 8 employees while overseeing the administrative and financial operations of an agricultural service company. Since joining LPL’s CFO Solutions, she has become a valuable contributor to the development and enhancement of our financial models. Graziella has successfully supported over 100 client relationships during her tenure with the CFO Solutions team.